History of Diagnosis for Jack (ASD) and Riley (ASD)

Video Summary

Dr. Forletti, the pediatrican of siblings, Jack and Riley, discusses how he was involved in the diagnostic process of both children. Dr. Forletti explains that when a child comes into his office he carefullly observes his/her behavior, particulaly noting how the child interacts with others. Dr. Forletti describes how pediatricians may tailor their interviews to probe for autism symptoms as well as help parents know what to look for in terms of their child's typical or atypical development between visits.

"I always ask parents if they have any concerns, but you just can't come out and say do you have any concerns because they'll talk about the concerns they have which are not always the ones that are foremost on their minds. So I usually try to observe the child and see how the child interacts in the room."
— Damian Forletti, MD

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