Advice to Parents with Children who have Autism

Video Summary

Dr. Forletti gives advice to parents about how to help their child make the most progress. He emphasizes the importance of parents' involvement and familiarity with their child's therapy. Parent involvement has been linked to better outcomes for children, including a greater generalization of skills learned in therapy to children's daily lives. Finally, Dr. Forletti urges parents to prioritize applied behavioral analysis and other empirically supported interventions for their children as opposed to untested, alternative approaches or excessive research.

"...I always tell parents, "take a look at what's out there, and go with what's been working through the years. And don't shoot for what is going to be the quick fix, because it's just not going to happen..."
— Damian Forletti, MD


    • Autism-General Information
    • Internet
    • Therapies
    • Alternative therapies/treatments
    • Parent Involvement
    • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
    • ability to generalize skills

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