Benjamin's Pretend Play

Video Summary

Benjamin engages with his mother in a game of stop and go with his toy train. A short time later, Benjamin is able to generalize the skills he learned while playing with his mother to recreate the game himself with an entirely new object. This natural progression toward pretend play is often absent in children with ASD.


    • Nonverbal Behaviors Used in Social Interaction
    • social smiling
    • eye contact
    • Play
    • imitative social play/taking turns
    • Social Interaction
    • engagement
    • excitement in interactions
    • Social Interaction
    • sharing enjoyment with others
    • appropriateness of social response
    • Social Interaction
    • shared enjoyment
    • Therapies
    • ability to generalize skills
    • Toys
    • cars
    • Verbal Communicative Skills
    • vocal expressiveness
    • social vocalization

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