The Process of Diagnosing an Autism Spectrum Disorder Part 3.4: ADI

Video Summary

Laura, mother of Gregory (ASD) discusses some aspects of his social development and play habits during an Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI). Laura explains that Gregory has a hard time making eye contact, smiling in greeting and sharing enjoyment or objects. They also discuss his interest in other children, how he engages in play, and whether he demonstrates emotion. Rebecca, the assessor, explains several of the items she discussed with Laura.

"If I'll point to something, "Oh, look, look at the plane," he won't look up at the plane. He won't look at me to see what I'm saying; like he has no interest in what I'm saying...It just doesn't interest him. It doesn't do anything for him."
— Laura (Gregory's Mother)


    • Aggression
    • Pinching
    • Autism- General Information
    • Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI)
    • Emotion
    • flattened affect
    • General Behaviors
    • prefers to be alone
    • tantrums
    • Learning
    • animal recognition
    • Nonverbal Behaviors Used in Social Interaction
    • lack of facial expressions
    • facial expressions
    • lack of eye contact
    • eye contact
    • lack of social smiling
    • social smiling
    • Play
    • lack of pretend play
    • repetitive play
    • inappropriate play with toys
    • interest in books
    • love of books
    • lack of imitative social play
    • lack of group play
    • Restricted
    • sensory stimulation
    • seeks sensory stimulation
    • hand flapping
    • complex mannerisms/stereotypies
    • Stereotyped body movements
    • Social Interaction
    • Lack of Emotion Recognition
    • lack of emotional understanding
    • Laughing to Self
    • not offering comfort
    • Social Interaction
    • offering comfort
    • Social Interaction
    • not following a point
    • Social Interaction
    • following a point
    • Does not approach other children
    • Does not respond to approaches of other children
    • appropriateness of social response
    • Social Interaction
    • lack of shared enjoyment
    • shared enjoyment
    • Social Interaction
    • sharing/offering to share
    • Social Interaction
    • lack of sharing
    • Social Interaction
    • sharing enjoyment with others
    • Social Interaction
    • lack of excitement in interactions
    • Social Interaction
    • spontaneous affection
    • Social Interaction
    • lack of interest in other children
    • Lack of reciprocal social interaction
    • Toys
    • cars
    • Verbal Communicative Skills
    • inappropriate greeting
    • lack of expressive language

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