The Process of Diagnosing an Autism Spectrum Disorder Part 3.5: ADI

Video Summary

Laura, mother of Gregory (ASD) discusses some of his unusual interests and behaviors during her administration of the Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised (ADI R). She explains that he has an unusual preoccupation with door hinges, plays repetitively and seeks unusual sensory stimulation. At the same time, Laura explains that there are certain sensations to which he has a predictably negative reaction such as loud colors and foods of particular textures. Rebecca, the assessor, explains several of the items she discussed with Laura.

"If he had a (toy) car, he would just like spin the wheels...not realizing that that was not good. You need to take him and show him, "Oh look, the car goes beep beep zoom zoom."
— Laura (Gregory's Mother)


    • Autism- General Information
    • Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI)
    • Play
    • repetitive play
    • inappropriate play with toys
    • imitative social play/taking turns
    • lack of imitative social play
    • Restricted
    • routines
    • compulsions
    • Lining up objects
    • rituals
    • unusual preoccupations
    • Interest in metal objects
    • Repetitive behaviors
    • Repetitive Motor Behaviors
    • Interest in toys that spin
    • obsessions
    • seeks sensory stimulation
    • sensory stimulation
    • unusual sensory interests
    • unusual finger movements near eyes
    • hand flapping
    • complex mannerisms/stereotypies
    • Stereotyped body movements
    • stereotyped/ circumscribed interests
    • Interest in fans
    • upset by everyday noises
    • Social Interaction
    • enjoying touch
    • Toys
    • trains

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