Nathan's Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI) Part 4: Social Development and Play

Video Summary

Camila, mother of Nathan (ASD) reports on his social development during an Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI). The assessor inquires about many aspects of his social development including whether he makes eye contact, brings items to show, shares items and enjoyment, offers comfort, engages in joint attention, expresses a standard range of facial expressions, plays with toys, engages in social games, expresses interest in other children, responds to the approaches of other children or engages in group play.


    • Autism- General Information
    • Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI)
    • Emotion
    • flattened affect
    • Nonverbal Behaviors Used in Social Interaction
    • lack of eye contact
    • eye contact
    • social smiling
    • lack of social smiling
    • facial expressions
    • lack of facial expressions
    • Nonverbal Communicative Skills
    • pointing to show
    • Play
    • love of books
    • interest in books
    • appropriate play
    • group play
    • lack of group play
    • Restricted
    • hand flapping
    • seeks sensory stimulation
    • Social Interaction
    • Approaches other children
    • Does not approach other children
    • Does not respond to approaches of other children
    • Responds to approaches of other children
    • Social Interaction
    • Bringing to Show
    • Social Interaction
    • sharing enjoyment with others
    • sharing/offering to share
    • Social Interaction
    • lack of sharing
    • excitement in interactions
    • lack of excitement in interactions
    • shared enjoyment
    • not offering comfort
    • Social Interaction
    • offering comfort
    • joint attention
    • Social Interaction
    • lack of joint attention
    • Laughing to Self
    • Social Interaction
    • appropriateness of social response
    • Social Interaction
    • lack of interest in other children
    • Social Interaction
    • interest in other children
    • Toys
    • Balloons
    • puzzles
    • playgrounds

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