Playing with Toy Cars

Video Summary

Dr. Smith advises that odd or repetitive use of toys, a symptom of autism, can be difficult to detect as many typically devleoping children will engage in such activities briefly or as part of more functional play. Autism related, odd or nonfunctional sctions can be distinguished from these more typical behaviors by their highly repetitive, prolonged quality, their preoccupation of the child's attention and time, and their relation to sensory interests.

"What makes this more atypical and more problematic is that the child chooses to do these repetitive actions with toys rather than play with them appropriately for long periods of time. "
— Christopher Smith, PhD


    • Play
    • repetitive play
    • inappropriate play with toys
    • lack of pretend play
    • Restricted
    • unusual sensory interests
    • Toys
    • cars

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