Calling a Child's Name

Video Summary

Dr. Smith discusses how failing to respond to another person's voice is one of the first symptoms that a parent may notice when a child is at risk for autism. This clip provides several examples of how typically developing children reflexively respond to their name, whereas children with autism often do not respond when someone calls their name despite numerous, varied attempts to gain their attention.

" Parents of an autistic child will sometimes need to call the child's name multiple times, use a harsher tone when they call them, break into the child's eye gaze or even reach over and touch them to get their attention...Failing to respond to others is one of the first symptoms that many parents notice as an indication that something may not be quite right with a child's development. "
— Christopher Smith, PhD


    • Verbal Communicative Skills
    • lack of response to name
    • Response to Name
    • attention to voice
    • lack of attention to voice

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