Christian K's Physical Therapy Session with Kim Keane

Video Summary

At the Cloverpatch School, Christian K, who has autism, is filmed in his one on one physical therapy session with Kim Keane. Ms. Keane discusses Christian's sensory needs, motor difficulties, such as walking up and down steps, and how she regularing consults with Christian's other therapists and his parents; to better communicate with and motivate Christian during their sessions as well as incorporate speech therapy into their work.

"I can't work without the help of the parents; without the help of the special ed. teacher; without the help of the speech teacher to give me that frame of reference of how do I communicate with this child. "
— Kim Keane, Physical Therapist


    • Learning
    • manding / requesting
    • Nonverbal Behaviors Used in Social Interaction
    • lack of eye contact
    • Nonverbal Communicative Skills
    • picture exchange system (PECS)
    • Physical Development
    • climbing on objects/stairs
    • muscle tone
    • Restricted
    • sensory stimulation
    • seeks sensory stimulation
    • Social Interaction
    • interest in swinging and bouncing
    • Therapies
    • Parent Involvement
    • Teacher Involvement
    • reinforcement
    • Physical Therapy
    • Verbal Communicative Skills
    • Response to Name
    • lack of receptive language
    • lack of expressive language

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