Nathan Plays Cars with Mom

Video Summary

It is difficult for Nathan, a young boy on the autism spectrum, to engage in a reciprocal game of stop and go with his mother. He does not attempt to keep the game going, but instead often turns away from his mother, removing the train and himself from the table to look at the train wheels. Both Nathan's unusual interest in parts of the toy (i.e. train wheels) and his difficulty with reciprocal social interaction are risk alerts for ASD.


    • Nonverbal Behaviors Used in Social Interaction
    • lack of eye contact
    • lack of social smiling
    • Play
    • lack of imitative social play
    • Social Interaction
    • lack of engagement
    • Social Interaction
    • lack of excitement in interactions
    • lack of relatedness
    • lack of shared enjoyment
    • Toys
    • trains
    • Verbal Communicative Skills
    • lack of expressive language
    • lack of receptive language

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