Why I Decided to Work in Early Intervention

Video Summary

Sandy Pih, a special education teacher explains why she decided to work with very young (under age 3) children with autism. She considers how her work in early intervention differs from her expriences working with older, previously undiagnosed and untreated children who have missed this early, critical window for learning.

"I decided to come in to early intervention because I think this is a critical time period for them ... this is the window of opportunity for them to really attain the skills they need, the pre requisites they need for future learning. "
— Sandy Pih, Special Instructor at the Children's Center


    • Autism-General Information
    • Early Intervention (EI)
    • surveillance of children 0-3
    • Learning
    • school readiness skills
    • classroom strategies
    • Therapies
    • therapy strategies

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