Evaluating New Students

Video Summary

Sandy Pih, an early intervention teacher, discusses how individualized learning plans are designed for each child in her classroom based on their parent's primary concerns, an initial evaluation of the child's skills and Ms. Pih's expert knowledge of common deficits in children with autism spectrum disorders.

"More often than not, parents are saying that their children are not responding his or her name or making eye contact...so I know that is a program they are going to need. "
— Sandy Pih, Special Instructor at the Children's Center


    • Autism-General Information
    • Individualized Family Service Plans
    • levels of severity in autism
    • Early Intervention (EI)
    • Family Life
    • parenting
    • raising children with autism
    • Learning
    • classroom strategies
    • Nonverbal Behaviors Used in Social Interaction
    • lack of eye contact
    • Verbal Communicative Skills
    • lack of response to name

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