What is ABA Therapy

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Dr. Fein describes the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), an empirically supported intervention for children with ASD. To illustrate, ABA therapy sessions are shown.

"...what you need to do is reduce those excesses like the self stimulatory behavior, repetitive behaviors, and increase the skills. And then what will happen is after the child really learns a set of foundational skills; then they will start relating more to other people."
— Deborah Fein PhD

Early Warning Signs related to What is ABA Therapy

  • Working with Children on the Autism Spectrum

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    Sandy Pih, a special education teacher, explains how the children in her classroom span the full autism spectrum. Some are very high functioning, others lack many skills. She discusses how she structures her classroom for this broad range of children and helps parents deal with newness of their child's diagnosis.

  • ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis

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    In this clip Thomas Gelb, the Executive Director of the Children's Center, explains what applied behavioral analysis, or ABA, is, and how it is used at the Children's Center to help children on the spectrum build social and daily living skills.

  • Search for a Diagnosis and the Importance of Early Intervention

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    The mom of Ryan talks about her search for a diagnosis, and how comparing Ryan to his older sibling, Maren, helped in catching his diagnosis(ASD), and getting him early intervention. She discusses Ryan's many improvements through therapy and how her experiences learning the milestones and getting early intervention services have also helped her support her younger son, Liam, who has some developmental delays, but not autism.

Therapies related to What is ABA Therapy

  • Working on Eye Contact

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    In this clip, Sajid is participating in a one to one therapy session aimed at improving his eye contact and response to name. The therapist uses an object Sajid wants to bring his eyes to her face when she calls his name, thus pairing his name with the act of making eye contact. As she repeats the task, Sajid learns the association, looking to her face more immediately and automatically with each trial.

  • Teaching Lucas Expressive Language

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    Though Lucas' initial reaction is simply to scream and cry when he wants a toy car, his therapist, Georgia, teaches him to use his words and request: "Give me car."

  • Interview with Nathan's Teacher

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    Erin Klepp, Nathan's teacher (therapist) talks about how Nathan's therapy targets symptoms of ASD and discusses the progress he is making in various areas.

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