Impact of Therapy Importance of ABA Therapy

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Nancy, mother of Dean, describes how Applied Behavioral Analysis, an empirically supported intevention for autism, led to enormous improvements in Dean's language, appropriate play skills, attention span and overall ability to communicate. She describes how her initial concern has been transformed into hope about Dean's future and ability to learn. Nancy's descriptions of ABA are paired with video of Dean's therapy sessions.

"He has such a huge vocabulary now, that it's impossible to keep track."
— Nancy, Mother of Dean

Early Warning Signs related to Impact of Therapy Importance of ABA Therapy

  • The Importance of Early Intervention

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    Thomas Gelb, the Executive Director of the Children’s Center, sends a message to parents and caregivers to always err on the side of early intervention whether it be through a school like his or private therapy.

  • Mom's Early Warning Signs for Seamus

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    A mother of two boys with autism, describes how her eldest son, Seamus, struggled with a wide variety of everyday experiences like feeding, bathing, and taking a different route to school. Though many pediatricians considered the case borderline, Seamus' mother listened to her instinct and enrolled Seamus in the early intervention services that have helped transform his behavior.

  • A Day at the Beach with Wynston

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    Wynston's parents work with each member of the family to help make their interactions with Wynston therapeutic. On the ride to the beach, Lynda instructs Analise only to reward Wynston when he performs a desired hand motion. Wynston must vocalize a desire to get pushed on the swing set before his family members push him. A demonstration of how therapy can be incorporated into the daily life of a child with autism.

Therapies related to Impact of Therapy Importance of ABA Therapy

  • Therapy Works

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    The mother of Gabriel, Nathan and Ben talks about how therapy for children with ASD has changed for the better in recent years and proved very beneficial to her children.

  • Where to Refer Children for Early Intervention

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    Dr. Forletti discusses the general and specific places where he refers children when he suspects that they have an autism spectrum disorder. He discusses the importance of contacting Ealrly Intervention services as well as pursuing evaluation through a developmental pediatrician or, in some cases, a psychologist to confirm a child's diagnosis. Finally, Dr. Forletti dsicusses how parents can become both advocates and teachers, well versed in their child's therapies and supporting their child's development.

  • Importance of Early Intervention

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    Dr. Laroque, chief of general pediatrics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, describes how identifying children with autism and their families early and connecting them to evidence based interventions can improve outcomes for both that family and the community in which they live.

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