What is Floor Time?

Floor Time focuses on building on a child’s existing strengths and encouraging the child to initiate activities, which then become part of the therapy session. In a typical Floor Time session, the child leads the therapist, who will watch what object or activity the child is drawn to and use that object or activity to teach new skills and strengthen existing ones. The object of Floor Time is to create an emotional connection and build on the child’s desire to learn from the environment. Floor time is a more naturalistic approach as compared to ABA, though ABA has more extensive research support.

  • Patrick's Floortime Therapy Session

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    Anne Louise Wissinger, a Floortime therapist, discusses the theory and rationale behind Floortime therapy, a treatment designed to increase a child's social engagement and interest in shared social experience. She describes how these theories and principles are applied in her Floortime therapy session with Patrick.

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